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Friday, 30/06/2011
Visit the traditional villages characterized adventure, adventure; tasting dish of kings; hear the people experiencing heart of time hanging climbing on the sea cliffs; watch coral colorful ... It is the experience enjoy visiting Hon Noi Island - the capital of farming Salanganes'Nest Khanh Hoa.

Salanganes'Nest there for a long time, plus the number of island birds nest and produce superior quality bird nest, should tuor learn Salanganes'Nest in Khanh Hoa more attractive. Ships dock Hon Noi Island, the tour guide said it was the cradle of Salanganes'Nest of Khanh Hoa.

The first is that we visit his shrine To Salanganes'Nest. He founded the village Bich Dam and find the islands. Salanganes'Nest created it. According to history books, when he died, the people of Khanh Hoa call him as the Salanganes'Nest group should set up his temple on the island of Hon Noi. Scattered throughout the island where there are houses play cliff cliff very dangerous (dangerous as bird nest usually choose a place to nest should also guard to guard hut next to the "white gold"). Through the exploitation of workers and protect the birds nest, we learned to harvest the nests on cliffs, ancient people used only his bare hands and feet to climb; not only endurance and heart health brave, they also beat the hiking distance. Currently, workers climbing amber range. Currently, exploitation of workers forced into maturity and buckled as the athletes climbing but death is always lurking not only in the protection plan but in sleep. "Many watchtowers at the height of several hundred meters, close to the edge of the sea, so rugged that sleep guardians must have seatbelts, because the middle of the night wake up the toilet drowsiness mind will pay the price in their lives ", a man named Nam. Listening to the words that we do for them is the "spider".

  Listen to the "spider" story time just visit temples father of a career had 700 years ago, plus see the tiny hut and the maturity of dense trees cliff above the cliffs on the island at see along the way, we think Salanganes'Nest Khanh Hoa is one of the most unique traditional villages of Vietnam. After learn Salanganes'Nest, we went to the glass bottom boat to see the coral reefs look inside Hon. We have seen each branches, tiny color swim beneath the sea floor. After 15 minutes of surfing on the coral reefs, the train pulled into a small island like a large stone of about 1 ha. Between a rock cave is quite deep so nest nesting choose. When you get into the cave we found hundreds of groups close together, there are about 30 bird nest is in the relaxed look. Meanwhile the guide for von: "We're looking for treasure. I such as this because it is white gold for Salanganes'Nest is current as of 1 kg of oats cost almost a hundred million. " The guide adds tiny bird nest shape, but the strength is very strong, can fly non-stop from morning to night to insect bite. We often find steep cliffs, rugged or cave in the desert to nest two times a year by spending 35 to 40 days salivary secretions such as silk thread contains a lot of very nutritious. So for thousands of years, the Vietnamese people have exploited oats supply the king.

                   By noon that day we enjoy the unique flavor dishes of Hon Noi, including fresh seafood specialties, most notably salt baked sea perch dot é (a sour trees growing on the island of Home ) makes who also commended delicious. After the main meal, the restaurant staff make up for each of them a tiny tea cup oats. Everyone solemnly slowly enjoy royal dishes ...

  Translate from /Quote Vietnam Economic Times No. 144 (6/17/2011)

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